Ed Rhodes is a Cheshire based photographer with a particular interest in the landscape of the UK. Born in Ramsey on the Isle Of Man, Ed was never far from the countryside and the wonderful Manx coastline. It was not until March 2004 that Ed first started to appreciate how beautiful the changing landscape and light around us can be.

As well as landscape photography Ed is also interested in travel photography and has been fortunate to visit many European and long haul destinations including Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, USA and Dubai. Ed has recently completed three photography and image software courses at South Cheshire College.

The purpose of this site is to showcase many of the fine art landscape photographs taken by Ed in different areas of the UK. The varied landscape of the British Isles is stunning and two photographs taken in the same location can look completely different depending on the light and weather conditions. For this reason Ed shoots mostly around Sunrise and Sunset to capture the warm colours and the wonderful textures on the land that low light can produce.

As you will see from the galleries, Ed covers a range of different locations from around the UK and overseas with particular emphasis on the landscape of Cheshire, Derbyshire and The Peak District.

Ed also sells images through the stock library Alamy, and has supplied images to national magazine titles.
If any of the images in the galleries are of interest to you please contact Ed via e-mail on the contact link.

Stock photography by Ed Rhodes at Alamy

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